Peaches MyDog
MyDog® Stories - A dog breeder

I have been a dog breeder for the past 15 years. I have Shih-tzus and miniature Schnauzers. Schnauzers can be prone to skin problems. Due to the massive coat on Shih-tzus, hair care and good coat is of prime concerns.

My Dogs have had to endure a wide variety of vitamins, oils, etc., as I tried to find a really good coat and skin supplement.

Last summer I bought a bottle of "MyDog®" and my search ended. I have never had such a wonderful coat and such healthy young looking skin on MyDogs. I also use it on a Pekinese and a Boston Terrier.

My puppies have been born with a sheen on their coats that I have not seen before. Because I followed the directions and didn't over feed, I had no problems with stool changes of any kind.

I recommend "MyDog®" highly and will continue to feed it to MyDogs.

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