Peaches MyDog
MyDog® Stories - Chug the Black Lab

Our 3 year old Black Lab, Chug, started using Peaches MyDog® at 3 years old and we saw the usual softening in his coat which graduated into a beautiful ebony luster over the first few months. His ears cleared of the gunk he had accumulated over the years and his general aroma improved enormously.

MyDog® never relieved Chug of his playful clumsiness but to our surprise after a year or so, his gums and teeth showed steady improvement including a darkening of the gum' s fleshy color and less tarter on his teeth. In fact, the yellowish brown tarter diminished completely revealing bright white teeth that almost glowed against his jet black lips and coat.

Dog dental care along with ears, brushing and no-telling what else doesn 't really excite us; but with Peaches MyDog® these Dog care chores seem a thing of the past!

Thank you MyDog®!

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