Peaches MyDog
MyDog® Stories - Ginger the Sheltie Mix

Hi! My name is Ginger. I'm a 2 year old Sheltie mix, and here is my MyDog® story.

I really enjoy being outdoors when the weathers nice, but as soon as fall starts getting a little cold, that's when I turn into a house dog. Up until last fall, when I turned into a hallway dog (no fun). At first I was let into run the house just like the good ole days. Then one day I was told I had to stay in the hallway, because the kids playing on the floor were wearing more dog fur than me, and the maroon bed skirt on my masters bed was coated with fur (sad huh). Then one day my master brought home some Peaches MyDog® Hair & Skin. She started putting it in my food every morning. I've been using it for about 6 months now. The best part is I am now a house dog again, no more hallways for me (happy).

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