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MyDog® Stories - Stella the Terrier Mix

Sorry is has taken us so long to get this picture to you. She is doing well and still enjoying her MyDog®. We are so glad we discovered MyDog® for her, we know it has helped her a lot.

Thanks MyDog®

Note: Stella's owners brought her to us to show her improvement. They related that for years she was hairless around her lower neck and stomach and showed some improvement to various drugs. Stella would actually scratch and bite herself until she bled; in fact, the husband opened her mouth and showed me her bottom teeth which were completely ground down from this chewing!

Since using MyDog® for over 2 years, the now 12 year old Stella has a full coat of hair, and is less pre-occupied with scratching and chewing except during a A "heavy grass season" around early summer when she still requires a few drugs.

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